So I’ve spent all of today feeling really sick. It’s been sneaking up on me and I’ve been hoping to avoid it. I think it is a medication issue once again and I am worried since I do not have insurance this time. I will be making at least one very important phone call tomorrow looking for assistance with my meds. It seems this is my dangerous time of year. I kind of “thought” winters were my hardest times but its gotten quite obvious in the last 5-10 years. I truly hate my “disease”. It’s one of those types that can be but may not be terminal. I am sounding very grim tonight and I think I just need to go to bed and continue my “chores” later in the day. I started this with the intent that having been so sick all day today I was never in a place that I felt like I could write. So, that to will be on my list of important projects for the day. For now, I must sleep. At least I hope to and plan to try. Goodnight. I have high hopes that tomorrow (later today) will be a great day! No worries, I’m really okay.