Wednesday: I love that I have the ability to deal with most any gross mess that ever exists. I can deal with vomit, before, after and during. I can clean even the most disgusting adult bodily functions without completely falling apart. This doesn’t mean that I don’t get sickened by it, want to weep, and even sometimes want to run from the room screaming and cussing my luck, but I can deal with the mess and move on. It is an ideal trait in a caregiver of any sort. If I could teach and sell my technique I imagine I could make some money. I will have to consider that. I just block out the sensory receptors in my brain and move quickly.

Thursday: I love that I can sense when someone needs love and comfort. Even when I am completely wrapped up in the drama that is me, I can see someone, or sense someone in need and reach out. I do not like to see or feel anyone in pain or suffering and my instinct is always to find a way to ease the pain.