On most any given day the thing that makes me the happiest is being an auntie. I have 7 nephews with a new babe (gender as yet unknown) on the way. Plus I am an Auntie to many other kidlets. I love them all as if they are my own. Except that I have the amazing benefit of getting to send them home 😛  Many of my kiddos are my good friends’ kids. My oldest niece is going to be a mommy next year, in April I think. Its hard enough to believe she will be 19 in a couple of weeks. I am blessed by having so many people in my life that love me and that are willing to let their children bless me. I try really hard to be the best Auntie I can despite my mental illness. My goal is to love, cherish and challenge them to become the very best people they can become. Even when my nerves are completely frayed and at times being in the middle of the chaos is more than I can bear right then, I still love them with all of my heart, will give them all that I can and promise to always be a positive influence not a negative in their lives. Hopefully they will always find Auntie Tresa to be their favorite crazy Aunt that loves to love them.