I have seriously let myself neglect/abandon my blog through the holidays. It’s time to start getting back into the routine of writing everyday. I need to insist that I work, create some will power. Its always a good feeling to know that you’ve accomplished your daily goals. I am now going to set my daily goals as follows: 1-3 posts daily on my blog (what I love about me, daily things, and quotes), read for an hour a day, do something artistic, and write on my novel for at least an hour everyday.

Then there are my housekeeping goals: keep the kitchen clean, sweep kitchen floor everyday, scoop boxes everyday and do at least one project in my room.

Well, now I must go turn in some cans and bottles at the store. Not looking forward to it. 

Just thought of my most important daily goal, proper portion sizes at meals, and keep track of points or calories. Time to end this constant binging!