I love football! High School, College and especially Professional. The NFL playoffs have been on the last two weekends and next week is the championship heading to the Superbowl. So far all but one of the teams I have been rooting for have won their games. I am a Patriots fan and next week they play the Ravens. Standings-wise, the Patriots should win, but anything is possible. As the Giants proved today by beating the nearly undefeated Packers. That was an awesome game!! Anyway, I find it amusing that football is still so marketed to men. I know that on average, men prefer football (sports really) compared to women who the majority do not. In my family/group of friends, the men do not like football, or sports at all, while the majority of the women do, some of us fanatically so. February 5th we are having our fourth annual All-Girls Superbowl Party and the men are babysitting the kidlets. Boy aren’t they excited!! As if!! 🙂