I’m missing my grandmother today, more than usual. Grandma passed away on the first of this month after having had a severe stroke. While death was not what any of us wanted, just know that her few weeks of suffering were over was a relief. I love my Grandma so much! It’s going to be so hard to not be able to be with her for now. We are having her celebration of life this weekend. I know it is going to be beautiful. I also know that I’m going to cry a lot. I have always been considered “emotional”. What I’ve been learning about myself over the last few months is that I am actually shut down when it comes to having and dealing with my emotions. OA and counseling are teaching me to “Feel, Deal, and Heal”. This is hard, scary, painful and quite often very overwhelming. I am doing it though, one step in front of the other. Because I’ve been working on this, I really truly am very emotional these days. Emotions are scary and messy and can tip the boat over with almost no warning. So, I expect that I am going to cry A LOT this weekend. The trick to managing appropriately will be to feel freely, deal the best I can- including in an appropriate manner at the service (control without shutting down) and then beginning to heal. I have to feel and then deal without COE’ing and stuffing my emotions. I know its going to be beautiful and spending time with family and friends that loved my Grandma and our family will be healing. So, obviously, I have mixed feelings and will be praying A LOT!! My favorite slogan is: One Day at a Time (and I add to that) Minute by Minute, Hour by hour is how I get through the need to eat to not feel or have to deal.

Eunamae Winona Honey

April 19, 1927 – August 1, 2012
Eunamae Honey passed away due to a stroke, August 1, at age 85. She was born in Stayton, Oregon, to Henry Harrison (“Harry”) & Pauline Chance and had several older siblings, all deceased. The family lived in Mill City until the death of her father, when she was 15. At that time, Eunamae moved to Portland with her mother and sister. She became active in a church youth group where she made several lifelong friends. When she was 19, she began helping with Sunday School in the Assembly of God Church in Oregon City and soon after “married her pastor, Ward Honey”. That was a bit of personal history she enjoyed sharing with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes. “Honey took his Chance” (more family humor) in 1947 and pastored several Assembly of Go

d churches in Oregon for 50 plus years. They pastored New Life Center in Gold Beach for 22 years and had a home there from 1966 to 2007 at which time they relocated to Portland.

Eunamae was dedicated and supportive as a wife, mother, and friend. She was very busy with church events, raising five children and doing all the driving for family, church and Ward’s piano tuning activities. 

Eunamae loved to cook, garden, read, and keep track of all the family news. She is survived by five children: Tom, Cathie, Jon, Ron and Mary. Ward and Eunamae were blessed with 12 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, 5 step-greats, and 1 step-great-great-grandchild. She delighted in each new addition.

Although the family grieves and will miss her greatly, the main source of comfort is knowing death is not the end of our existence, but only the beginning of a new life with the Lord in heaven. D.L. Moody once said, “Someday you are going to read in the paper that D.L.Moody has died. Don’t believe a word of it. I will be more alive than I am now.” Eunamae is very much alive in the presence of the Lord.