Finding myself stressed big time today over something I’ve had two weeks to get over. Thought I had gotten over it but apparently, as I’m very aware today, I haven’t. Wanting to COE big time!! Finding myself restless and frustrated. Frustrated that I can’t avoid this situation. Frustrated that I can’t just leave my “world” for a few days. Mostly frustrated because I am so angry with this situation. Not having control is probably my biggest issue and fear. That’s one of the biggest reasons I eat. OA is helping me so much in this area. Giving HP the control over my life, me, my eating, my attitude (light bulb: this is what I forgot). I have to do this constantly, practically minute by minute. Today the 1st step is very fitting, because I am powerless over this situation, and that makes me angry, resentful and I want to COE. As long as my space and boundaries are respected, I am totally determined to behave myself this week. I plan to be kind, friendly, and try not to completely shut down and shut them out. I am just going to have to be connected to my HP more securely than ever before… 100% of the time.