Today was insanely crazy!! I have been all over the place emotionally today and wow!! I am so over it!! The one really great thing is that I have spent a lot of time in prayer asking for strength, for God to take control (like every minute), and to help me with eating abstinently today. Well, I’ve made it through, perfect abstinence for me today!! I am so happy but I owe all the credit and thanks to God for keeping me there. I am going to bed with the prayer that this down feeling will go away and stay away and that God’s love, grace and forgiveness will fill my heart to over flowing. I am going through a really difficult time (not all bad) right now. Working hard. Trying to let go of my control-freak nature. Therapy. 12 steps. And now finding out that my home and schedule and comfort are going to be basically taken from me not just til Friday as I was told but through next Thursday. So if anyone is reading this, I could really use your prayers as this is really outside my comfort level and I am going to struggle with this. I will make it through, I just need the extra strength and support to ease the pain so to speak. 🙂

Done with this depression that showed up a couple of hours ago. Sweet dreams to all!! Love you!!

For the record: I haven’t forgotten how grateful I am today. Here’s my list:


August 15th 2012

  1. meetings

  2. sponsor

  3. email loops

  4. forgiveness

  5. HP

  6. prayer

  7. answered prayer

  8. letting it go

  9. no more guilt/shame

  10. no more resentments and anger

  11. bad attitude chased away

  12. good attitude granted

  13. abstinent breakfast

  14. abstinence between breakfast and lunch (first!)

  15. cats “kids”

  16. playing with nephews

  17. holding the baby

  18. courage

  19. forgiveness

  20. step work

  21. attitude adjustments

  22. abstinence

  23. getting full before abstinent meal is done

  24. energy water