Why is it that we have to learn things the hard way? At least I have to learn things the hard way. I know that giving advice isn’t going to work. I’ve learned that I am not doing a person any service if I push my thoughts and ideas on them. I get angry when I’ve very adamantly expressed my opinion on an issue, especially when its an important topic and have the person reject my opinion. I am learning to let that go, however, in the last week three of four instances of my having brought something to the attention of someone about something important, or expressed concern about something has come back to haunt us. Important health stuff that could be and has now been a life and death matter. It makes me angry to know that I was right and wasn’t listened to and because of that something bad happened or nearly happened.

I am needing to let this go, I need to stop giving advice. I am learning that most people don’t really want the advice, they want someone to listen to them. I also know that if I’m telling someone something that I myself don’t want to hear then I need to shut my mouth. Point the fingers back at myself.

So now I am sitting here praying to God to take my anger from me and replace it with something positive. I am giving my need to be right and the helplessness I feel when I know that I’m right about something that could be life or death but no one will listen to me. I’m giving that to You God. Asking you to take this frustration from me. Help me to assign the appropriate importance to this and let it go. I know that I can trust You to take care of me and all of my needs.